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Tire blow-out with Trim Unit installed

No one ever wants a tire blowout, especially on the front tires!  Thankfully, just prior to a trip, this couple had installed a Safe-T-Plus & SuperSteer Trim Unit.  A front-end blow-out occurred and they share about the blowout protection they experienced!


Trim Unit "in-action!"


Outside Our Bubble demonstrates the effectiveness of the SuperSteer Trim Kit!  Thank you!!

Trailing Arms

Source Engineering has developed a solution to the problem of breaking and cracking rear trailing arms. See the tremendous difference and join the customers who are having their trailing arms replaced at Henderson's Line-Up in Grants Pass, Oregon. The results are amazing, especially when the new trailing arms are combined with the new ride enhancement kit.


Trim Unit Description


John Henderson talks about the SuperSteer Trim Unit.


Safari Velvet Ride

Augmentation System


Safari Velvet Ride coach owners should listen to this testimonial on the augmentation system for these coaches!

RPA & Solutions

After feeling his motor-coach wasn't handling properly, Billy brought his Safari to Henderson's Line Up for a Road Performance Assessment (RPA). Robert Henderson and a team of service technicians discovered the various reasons for the ailments to Billy's coach and then presented solutions. Many were applied and the results are for you (and Billy!) to enjoy.


Wayne Wells & RPA


 Wayne Wells of RoadMaster shares about his experience over the years with John and Robert Henderson and Henderson's Line Up and SuperSteer. Wayne shares about the Road Performance Assessment at Henderson's Line Up.



Lazy Daze customer testimonies about upgrades


Lazy Daze customers, Roadmaster Sway Bars, SuperSteer Trac Bar, Safety Plus Steering Control, Koni Shocks




Air Ride Kit Installed & Testimony


Customer testimony of his air ride kit installed at Henderson's Line-Up. The result? Improved suspension and ride handling.



Freightliner XC gets Koni's, MCU's, SS100 bellcrank


KONI FSD RV Shocks Freightliner XC SS100 Bellcrank Motion Control Units SUPERSTEER


Trim Unit & Sandstorm


A very satisfied Trim Unit customer shares about her experience with the SuperSteer Trim unit. She was hesitant to install unit, but shares about a sandstorm she and her husband went through and the difference she noticed once the trim unit was installed.





"Fat Little Whale"


Customer comes for a Road Performance Assessment at Henderson's Line-Up with his "fat little whale." Enjoy!




Safari Velvet Ride



 Velvet Ride Air Ride Kit available at Henderson's Line-Up



Safari Velvet Ride -- Air Ride Kit



Customer comments on the Velvet Ride Air Ride Kit installed.

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See all the latest steering and suspension enhancement product that SuperSteer has to offer to make your truck or RV not only safer, but more enjoyable to drive.


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