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Dodge Steering

Ken talks about steering and handling improvements for the Dodge 4 X 4 truck that he is providing an alignment on. For aftermarket product installation and for solutions to steering or suspension issues, call John or Gina at 888-898-3281

"Before" and "After"

Take a quick look at the results from working on the Dodge pictured above. We installed a rear sway bar, front and rear Koni shocks and Motion Control Units (MCU's) on aftermarket rear airbags, and rear SuperSteer trac bar.

Trac Bar & MCU's

The SuperSteer Rear Trac bar and Motion Control Units are the products highlighted in this short video featuring Brian Brawdy.

Heavy Duty Tie Rod

Good for Chevy / GM Pickups such as the Silverado 1500 / 2500 / 3500. Once you install these, you can forget about bent tie rods. Your truck steering response will be much better and you will reduce play and wander.

Brace Kit for Chevy Truck

Watch this video to see the difference in steering play and tow-in change with (and without) the SS175-K8 brace kit for the Chevrolet truck. As little as 1/8 of an inch of tow is equal to 28 feet per mile of side-scrub and the improvements are very apparent. All parts are available at SuperSteerParts.com. Be sure to use the search box at the top of the page.

Gear Vendor and a "Tricked-Out" Chevy Truck

Install of Gear Vendor as well as custom service work on a 1967 Chevrolet pick-up truck.

Want to know WHAT CHASSIS you have?

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See all the latest steering and suspension enhancement product that SuperSteer has to offer to make your truck or RV not only safer, but more enjoyable to drive.


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