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How to install a P30/32 Bellcrank 


INSTALLATION VIDEO: P30/32 Bellcrank for Chevy/Workhorse Chassis. 

Eliminate steering play and road wander with the SuperSteer P3032 Bellcrank.



How to install a Safe-T-Plus on a Dodge



Installation Video: Safe-T-Plus on Dodge Truck.



 Install Tips: SS100 Bellcrank, MCU's & Safe-T-Plus



INSTALL TIPS: SS100 bellcrank, MCU's and Safe-T-Plus.  Also featured is the Road Performance Assessment. by Bryan. 


How to install a Sway Bar on a Chevy.



INSTALL VIDEO: Rear Sway Bar installation video for the Chevy Silverado (Duramax) by Tommy.





How to install the Rear Trac Bar

The SS401 Rear Trac Bar installation video shows you how to install this SuperSteer product, which is designed to eliminate side play, tail wag, oversteer, push from trucks passing, road wander, delayed steering response and sway. SuperSteer has an array of trac bar applications--The SS401 works on Ford F53 V10 Class A motorhomes (Ford SuperDuty).




How to install an Idler Support & Brace Kit

Installation video for SS175K8 Idler Support and Brace Kit. Stronger cast aluminum housing and heavy-duty tapered roller bearings reduce play and eliminate steering slop. The result is precise steering, reduced effort and long component/tire life.





How to install the HD Tie-Rod


John Henderson gives you a few pointers to help ease your installation of the SuperSteer Heavy-Duty Tie Rod.




How to install the SS100 Bellcrank


John at SuperSteer shows you how to properly install the SS 100 Bell Crank on a Freightliner XC chassis.




 How to install
Wheel Spacers


 Installation video -- SuperTrack wheel spacer for rear hubs. Improves cornering and true tracking. Corrects factory front-to-rear tracking deviation. Use on GM, Ford and Dodge trucks, vans and motorhomes. Increase track width by 2 inches per side by Installing wheel spacers on vehicle's rear hubs using the original studs.




How to install

Coil Springs


Installation video for SuperSteer Coil Springs -- designed specifically for your coach. These springs properly support your front end for a much better quality ride!  Our coil springs provide correct ride height.  Improves handling by reducing sway and bottoming out.  Reduces tire wear and extends alignment intervals.

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See all the latest steering and suspension enhancement product that SuperSteer has to offer to make your truck or RV not only safer, but more enjoyable to drive.


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